On August 2, 2023, Parliament passed the Notarisations (Remote Methods) Bill. The authorities shall be providing more information on procedures, safeguards, and electronic signatures at a later date. We shall provide further updates when they do.

Notary Public,
Commissioner for Oaths,
Advocates & Solicitors

We provide notary, attestation certifying and authentication services and assist to obtain an Apostille or Consular Legalisation and preparation of a range of commercial and private documents

We provide a full
range of Notary
Public Services

  • Witnessing and Attesting the signing of documents
  • Certifying documents as Originals and True Copies
  • Notarial Certificates and other Notarial Acts
  • Obtaining Apostille/Authentication from the Singapore Academy of Law
  • Obtaining public documents (Business Profiles, Certificates of Good Standing, Birth and Marriage Certificates etc)
  • Drawing up documents (Wills, Powers of Attorney, Authorisation Letters etc)

Process, Fees,
Timeline, Requirements

What is the Notary Process

Following attestation of a document, the Notary will stamp the document and issue a Notarial Certificate which must then be Authenticated/Apostilled by the Singapore Academy of Law Read more.

How much will it cost

Notary Fees as per the Notaries Public rules + Singapore Academy of Law Authentication Fees as prescribed by the Singapore Academy of Law Read more.

How long will it take

Notarisation: 30 – 45 minutes.
Singapore Academy of Law Authentication/Apostille: Same/Next Working Day
Consular Legalisation: Varies subject to Consular Authority/Embassy Read more.

What should I bring

1.  The Document/s to be Signed or Original Document 2. Government issued Photo Identification eg Identity Card, Passport, Work Pass 3. Instructions, if any 4. Other documents as may be required and advised, if any.

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