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In addition to Notarisation the user overseas that requires your document may need the following.
  1. Legalisation – This means authentication or verification of the notary or the document by the embassy or consulate or high commission of the country in which the document is to be used which is located in or accredited to Singapore. Two or more of the steps in 5 below may be required.

  2. Sometimes ‘Legalisation’ is referred to as ‘Consularisation’ or ‘Attestation’.

  3. Authentication and Verification – Prior to Legalisation, it may be necessary to obtain a certificate from the Singapore Academy of Law authenticating the appointment and signature of the Notary and/or verification may have to be obtained from the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  4. You may have been asked to apostille or obtain an apostille certificate for a document. In Singapore, this means that you have to obtain Legalisation of the document as Singapore did not sign the Hague Apostille Convention.

  5. The full chain of Legalisation is as follows:
Notarisation by Notary Public

Authentication by Singapore Academy of Law

Verification by Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Legalisation by Embassy/Consulate/High Commission

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